Thursday, 9 May 2013

New look indoor accommodation

We've been making a few changes to Tiny Tortoise's indoor enclosure. It now looks like this:
and includes a specially built Humid Hide. As the name suggests, it's nice and damp and humid in there and she now likes to sleep in it:

Anyone who's interested can click here to see how we made it.

That was a surprise!

So at the weekend we took Tiny Tortoise to the tortoise drop-in at the Hampshire Tortoise Society. They have an amazing set-up there and some very knowledgeable people who can give your tortoise a health check. There were quite a few people there with tortoises of all shapes and sizes. When it was our turn the lady took a good look at Tiny Tortoise and said: "So, she's about three years old is she?". This was surprising for two reasons. Firstly, she's only two years old and secondly........we were under the impression she was a boy! They seemed pretty sure he is a girl.....sorry, she is a girl and the reason they thought she was three is that she's growing too quickly. So, poor Not-so-Tiny Tortoise is on a new strict regime involving more food and less artificial light!